Let’s be honest–it’s no secret that tech careers are in high demand. But contrary to popular belief, it’s still possible to land an awesome startup job even if you’re not (or not yet) a top coder. Below we round up 4 sites that will help non-tech and newbie coders find startup jobs.


Whether you’re a customer success pro looking to grow your career, a UX designer with an eye for good design or a skilled growth marketer–you can use Startflyjobs.co to find quality startup jobs outside of engineering. There’s also a section for newbie coders to find startup jobs that will help them flex their skills while growing customer relationships. Sign up for the site to get weekly updates on fresh jobs and referral opportunities.


Planted.com is another great recruitment platform geared towards non-technical talent. You can use the site to get matched for junior-level startup jobs in customer service, sales, operations and more. Planted often works with universities and startup organizations to fill their positions, however the site is available for anyone to join. Plus, they refer matched candidates so that their applications are fast-tracked to hiring managers.


Jobspresso specializes in remote jobs, but they’re also a standout resource to locate non-technical positions at startups and other top companies. Plenty of advanced engineering jobs are available on the site, but you can perform a category search to zero in on jobs in customer service, marketing, UX design, sales and more. You can also post a resume to get discovered by employers.


AngelList is among the leading sites for startup jobs. While the site lists a lot of positions for top coders, you can locate jobs for sales, marketing and the occasional entry-level junior developer position. Job seekers can apply to positions privately with a single application and see job salaries upfront. The site is also good way to research startup companies and their teams to prepare for a job interview.

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